MDG for justice, better working conditions and integration, and against discrimination of immigrants in Norway. Read our policies in English here.

Climate and environment

  • Make it easier to make environmentally friendly choices in everyday life and stop pollution and carbon emissions causing climate change.
  • Ensure zero net loss of nature by 2025 and nature positivity from 2030.
  • Implement better and cheaper public transport so that everyone can travel more easily, while taking care of the environment.
  • Improve the offer of environmentally friendly and healthy food such as fruit and vegetables.


  • Create simpler regulations for migrant workers.
  • Better access to social rights. 
  • Support for voluntary and non-profit organisations e.g. social justice, sports and cultural life.
  • Improve information about rights and obligations in working life in people’s mother tongue.


  • Offer free tuition to all migrant workers.
  • Ensure the right of minorities to language and culture.
  • Earmark funds for bilingual professional, first language and special Norwegian language instruction in schools.

Children and school

  • Strengthen multicultural competence in preschools and schools.
  • Improve the provision of meeting places and language training to those who do not attend preschool, e.g. open kindergarten.
  • Continue the cash benefit programme for children between the ages of 1 and 2.
  • Ensure legislative competence requirements for employees and managers in child welfare services and child welfare institutions.

Against discrimination

  • Strengthen efforts to combat discrimination in work life, the housing market, schools, health care and central government authorities.
  • Ensure protection against discrimination on the basis of belief, religious or cultural affiliation.

Law, judiciary

  • Make voting rights more accessible to immigrants by lowering the language requirement to A2 level in Norwegian, this (Bente) in order to be granted citizenship and remove the requirement to pass the test in social studies.
  • Defend freedom of expression and the right to speak out against political, religious and other views.


  • Prioritise at least one per cent of national income to humanitarian and development aid.
  • Introduce a climate and nature percentage in development aid, where an amount equivalent to one per cent of national income (GNI) is transferred annually from the Government Pension Fund Global to climate measures, climate change adaptation and nature conservation in developing countries.

Women and health

  • Maintain and strengthen children’s homes, crisis centres and services for victims of domestic violence.
  • Give priority to efforts to secure girls’ education and strengthen women’s rights in the labour market, in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and against violence in close relationships.
  • Support actors working for safe, legal and elective abortion and increased access to safe abortion services globally.


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This is just a sample of MDG’s political programme. The complete programme can be found here.